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At Alexx Kesh, we believe that every space tells a story. Our mission is to help you narrate yours with eloquence and flair. Our full spectrum of interior design services caters to each detail of your project journey, from the foundational blueprints of construction design to the final, exquisite touches of decor.


Comfort Meets Style

Our  S E R V I C E S

We create residential spaces where luxury is liveable. Every design choice aims to balance sophistication with comfort, ensuring your home is not just a showcase, but a place to live and create memories.


Curated Selections for Your Design

We handle the procurement process with an eye for quality and detail, ensuring that every piece selected aligns perfectly with your design goals. From sourcing unique furniture to choosing the right fixtures, we manage all aspects of procurement to bring the elements of your design together seamlessly.


Brand Identity with Function

Our commercial designs are tailored to reflect your brand's character while prioritizing functionality. From boutique hotels to modern offices, each project is a unique blend of branded beauty and practical design.


Tailored Guidance for Your Space

Our consulting services offer personalized advice and expert insights to help refine your vision and make informed decisions about your interior design project. Whether you're looking for guidance on a single room or a complete overhaul, Alexx Kesh is here to provide the expertise you need.

Amazing work putting this entire place together. Very talented and powerful team. Thank you for having @splatterhaus and I in your vision. Mucho Love


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